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Max Sky produces breathtakingly realistic visualizations of your forecasts and traffic coverage to give you the most compelling newscast in your market. The core technology is powerful enough to render each frame in real time, creating detailed, realistic images that project a higher level of science and accuracy.
Max is the best system on the market. Our weather looks much better on both television and mobile devices. Max has made our weathercast more informative, more captivating and, most importantly, more accurate.
Tim Heller, Chief Meteorologist KTRK Houston


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WSI Fusion™ takes the guesswork out of flight operations by delivering real-time global tracking and decision support for all phases of flight. By continuously monitoring up-to-date weather information, airspace conditions and navigational data, WSI Fusion enables dispatches and operations management to stay ahead of changing conditions and mitigate potentially disruptive events.
When 85% of cancellations and flight disruptions are due to significant weather, we need to have one view of the truth so that everyone is operating out of the same playbook. In our business you simply have to have the most accurate weather information possible, and we have that with WSI.
David Wotton, Director, NOC Automation & Support Southwest


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WSI offers commodities traders a single, global, interactive view of the most accurate weather forecasts, bringing clarity and insight to critical decision making. In a market where time is money, make better, smarter, faster decisions with WSI Trader.
I use WSI because they have excellent model graphics, accurate forecasts and knowledgeable meteorologists always willing to provide helpful insight.

WeatherFX Alert

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Rapidly respond to your policyholders within minutes of a disaster strike. WeatherFX Alert allows you to send text messages and emails to policyholders alerting them to impending weather where property damage is imminent.
WSI helps insurance companies deliver timely information to policyholders so they can take themselves and their vehicles out of harm’s way. Hail is naturally unpredictable, but with WSI, you can predict the impact.

United States Precision Lightning Network™

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Our advanced lightning detection networks providing the highest quality, most accurate real-time and archived lightning stroke data available on the market today.
WSI delivers impressive and consistent technical metrics – 95% detection efficiency and 250 meter location accuracy for cloud-to-ground strokes throughout most of North America and delivery uptime greater than 99.99%.


  • Mar 27 2015

    US: CAISO and Desert Southwest heat update

    Another day of near record heat is expected across So. Cal today, but the heat is expected to become confined into the interior and Desert Southwest during the weekend into a good portion of next week as well. A highly anomalous upper level ridge will continue to support abundant sunshine, which in combination with dry [...]

  • Mar 26 2015

    Europe: Turning cooler next week

    The models are now in better agreement with temperatures trending cooler (back towards normal/slightly below) through the middle of next week across north-west and central Europe. However, there is still some uncertainty in the exact magnitude of the anomalies with a risk it could be colder still. The latest 00z operational models have now come [...]

  • Mar 24 2015

    U.S. Sub-Seasonal Temperature Forecast through late April

    HEADLINES: • The Week 3 forecast has trended warmer across the Plains and East (especially the Southeast) and cooler across the interior Northwest. • A mild latter half of April is anticipated across the eastern two thirds under a developing El Nino type atmosphere and shift of intraseasonal tropical convection to over the Maritime Continent/West [...]