C-Band Radar

EEC produces a variety of C-Band Radar systems that offer you a window into the storm, enabling you to see the internal structure of severe weather phenomena. EEC produces four C-Band Systems:

  • DWSR-10001C
  • DWSR-5001C
  • DWSR-3501C
  • DWSR-2501C

The unrivaled design behind these systems has been thirty years in the making and backed by an unwavering commitment to precision, stability, reliability and value thanks to industrial grade modular hardware and the ability to interface with a wide range of software-based control systems.

All are built with remote operations in mind and for continuous 24/7 unattended operations at fixed-sites or transportable configurations, delivering maximum flexibility for the most demanding radar users.

Transmitter peak power varies by model:

  • DWSR-10001C – 1MW peak RF power pulse
  • DWSR-5001C – 500 KW peak RF power pulse
  • DWSR-3501C – 350 KW peak RF power pulse
  • DWSR-2501C – 250 KW peak RF power pulse

The DWSR-10001C, DWSR-3501C and DWSR-2501C transmitters have durations of 0.2, 0.4, 1.0 and 2.0 microseconds, providing excellent weather detection at the maximum range in all modes. The DWSR-5001C transmitters have durations of 0.4, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 microseconds. Our transmitters also outperform all others in the industry, radiating in staggered PRF modes at 3:2, 4:3, and 5:4 ratios – allowing dual PRF sampling by the radar signal processor to produce unambiguous velocity values of 64 m/s in short pulse.


C-Band Radar DWSR-2501C DWSR-3501C



C-Band Radar DWSR_5001C.pdf


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